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1 March 2011

Agenda Items

  • EoE
    • Early Risk factors (recruiting, nothing for lab)
    • Biomarkers
      • EDN assays: SK will run comparison of two assays this week with AM
      • Eotaxin has been difficult to measure in saliva in FL's experience; could use CBA platform for other samples
      • AM will meet with MY -- ws to arrange
  • Basophil
    • APC project
      • SP showed data on DR kinetics by flow and localization from the Amnis run:
        DR increases over 18 hours in an IL-3 dependent fashion
        DR increases in activation dep manner, but decreases from 20' to 2 h
        FcERI MFI rapidly falls and staining may become clustered -- from a few images, not quantitative analysis yet
        cell area increases (and perhaps aggregation) with activation
        surface CD11b increases
  • Allergen Adjuvant
    • we hope to hear from proteonomics on new sequence information this week
    • BR will run zymosan experiment this week
  • PM Baso
    • AM produced very nice anergy experiment -- key variable to prevent 'carry over' appears to be time; by waiting 90' prior to 2nd stim, controls are perfect
      experiment demonstrates a degree of pathway-specific, partially non-specific suppression; NP-BSA somewhat stronger anergy-inducing signal, despite weaker stim (DerpNP_06 2/25/11)
  • JAX
    • updated scripts for JAX to run as data comes in, note nec format for pcr data
    • AM to catch up on analysis this month
    • requesting that K at Hopkins adds comment column for lab notes
    • mAb cocktail being sent; new PMA/CaI stim sent by AM
  • PM baso
    • AM to finish analysis this week as study nearing point of analysis
  • Carboplatin
    • no changes
  • U19
    • BR to schedule a meeting with JM

Other Discussion

Things To Do