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*Wayne G. Shreffler 09:55, 7 September 2010 (EDT):

Agenda Items

  • EoE
    • EDN ELISAs
      • Mirna has samples to send
      • Sarita will ask for 2-300 uL
    • Component proposal -- WS still needs to work on
  • Basophil
    • Review data from last week
      • good cytokine data -- c/w published reports of peak at lower conc than CD63, better at 6h vs 18h
      • CD40L on APC, FcERI on PB
      • make plans for ICS in basophils
    • Histamine data
      • send sups from 8/25 and 8/26 for histamine
      • Next experiments
        • this week? status of ALK mAbs?
  • Allergen Adjuvant
    • Hazmik has sent analysis, will review with Bert
    • Foreskin DC flow data
      • set up experiment this week?
  • PM Baso
    • nothing to do
  • JAX
    • need Abs
      • Alex will send this week
  • Carboplatin
    • review?
  • U19
    • must send to J Milner
    • set up cultures this week

Other Discussion

Things To Do