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*Wayne G. Shreffler 10:00, 24 August 2010 (EDT):

Agenda Items

  • EoE
    • EDN ELISAs
      • Sarita has ordered a kit to try? and will initially evaluate with stds from company? -- will ship on 9/3
      • Conference call with Mirna on Friday to discuss possible collaboration and availability of samples for validation
        • has some samples to send us
    • Component proposal -- WS still needs to work on
  • Basophil
    • Review data from last week
      • responder, good IL-3 enhancement; detectable IL-13 with dose response at 6 hours and detectable at 18 hours, though maybe predominant IL-3 effect
      • Review ALK data
        • responder -- good responses at 1:1; expected results -- when will we get more mAb?
      • Histamine data
        • we have not seen more data
        • send sups from this week
      • Next experiments
        • Repeat isolated basophil experiments this week
  • Allergen Adjuvant
    • 2D done by Galina
      • confirms pI ~10
      • Hazmik has gels and will run this week
      • needs plant protein in fasta
    • Foreskin DC flow data
      • unable to detect aldefluor -- surface marker staining is weak prob due to staining in large vol with substrate buffer
      • discussed alternatives, will first try staining per routine following aldefluor incubation, then may try sorting prior to culture or sorting after for qPCR
  • PM Baso
    • no samples last week
  • JAX
    • quote for peptide arrays
      • WS has to do
    • train Stephanie for project role
      • Stephanie almost self-sufficient now
  • Carboplatin
    • possible sample Wed
  • U19
    • Set up PBMC last week to milk allergen, sort on Fri
    • set up another this week
    • contact Josh about buffer

Other Discussion

  • Hood certification/ CO2 tanks
    • will take over cost of that room

Things To Do

  1. Write up component proposal (Marcella and Wayne)
  2. obtain quote for peptide arrays
  3. send Bert U19 slides