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*Wayne G. Shreffler 13:57, 18 May 2010 (EDT):Replace with user/time stamp

Agenda Items

  • call w/ Doerthe
    • we agreed to do lit search and see if we have new papers to add -- one to add is JAMA, another may be CRP paper in JACI this year (or maybe I just reviewed something?)
    • I will review Len c 1 paper
    • she is finishing Edward's samples this week
      should email him update
  • call w/ Elizabeth
    • Elizabeth will ask MJ to look for extra PM to send to Wayne to stimulate basophils with
      has not sent yet -- will email to let her know that Alex is out
    • Elizabeth will ask MJ about sups being saved and will think about how best to select them for cytokine analysis.IL-13 and TNFalpha would be prime candidates
      these should be sent frozen on dry ice; rationale that activation leading to cytokine may be concomitant with anergy
    • Wayne will talk to MJ and change basophil stim protocol to include range of anti-IgE concentrations so dose-response curve can be evaluated.
    • Maybe Marsha saves sups from HBEC stimulation by PM and sups could be put on basophils to understand potential epithelial cell-basophil interactions induced by PM
    • JIT materials on jaxcohort are submitted.
      some changes needed; waiting for Cookie from JAX to respond

Other Discussion

Things To Do