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Agenda Items

  • PM project
    • accumulating data, will analyze after Alex's MCAT
    • MJ will send PM -- Alex will store, stim basos in vitro after MCAT
  • EMAC project
    • samples starting ?this week
  • Cisplatin
    • sample may come tomorrow, but we do not have CD123 in house
      will stain with cocktail -CD123, stain CD123 later if nec
      reviewed first sample together
  • R03
    • trial of CRTH2 staining
      BD Ab at 1 uL inadequate (fresh cells)
    • DHR/ Ca free
      weak response, but supportive of oxidative burst as Ca independent
    • CD63 response almost completely suppressed
    • NEXT:
      DHR titration experiment (draw blood from Alex)
      combined 63/DHR analysis of Ca free (Friday)
  • JAX
    • hold up due to running out of Ab
    • wish to switch to CRTH2 based cocktail
    • T cells
      acquire as is

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