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Agenda Items

  • Buffy coat comparisons --
    • adenine may be used by MGH blood bank
    • other differences include bag type
  • Replication of CPE effect in co-culture:
    • concerned as above re: anti-coagulant or other difference between donor sources, however, 3 of 7 do show effect (1 in particular very nice), difference perhaps primarily greater retinoid response (suggesting background RALDH) in medium condition.
  • FoxP3 experiment -- 4-16 (DC, anti-CD3, RA, TGF, IL-2 x5d -- depleted a-CD3 and rest with RA, IL-2 reanalyze on day 9
    • 9d resting protocol looks better (e.g. less TCR signal dependent effect of RA on FP3 induction (~2 fold)
    • would consider revisiting this with RAL/ CPE condition once we have reassured ourselves that we have addressed potential effect above on DC response to CPE

Previous Action Items

To Do

  • order butterfly needles, heparin, syringes??

Other Discussion

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