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Agenda Items

Projects/ Work Flow

  • CoFAR
    • total Syk protocol now in place -- problems?
      • 4 done as of later today
    • supernatants being accumulated -- long term storage?
      • can we send off site?
      • possible space on the 14th floor?
      • re-prioritize use of existing space
    • fixed cells for Treg -- Kenny working through; will need to plan for analysis
      • all samples sent from other labs have been acquired
    • emphasis on BioCSI analysis
  • MIA
    • Have not had confirmation from IRB of GCO reciept
    • Have printed new slides and will finish 'validation' this morning
  • Adjuvant
    • Neisha will redirect to Arah2 collaboration
  • Milk
    • Lara out any day -- are we ready?
      • She's had the baby
    • set up CD25 depletion template
    • contamination issues?

  • Others
    • ITN -- status? involvement from Julie?

Recruitment/ Team Update

  • Performance reviews over next week

Space/ Equipment

  • Cytometer
    • review procedure for HTS installation
    • discussion of centralized flow staff
    • pipette calibration
  • Desk/Bench Space
    • issues?


  • R course
    • tomorrow at 3:30 pm

Previous ToDo Items

  • create protocol for total Syk measurement (wayne) -- done
  • Re-organize data between the three Macs and add more back ups

New ToDo Items

  • Madhan and Wayne f/u with HS and AG re: CoFAR storage
  • analyze CoFAR with tSyk
  • Priya will reconcile missing CoFAR data
  • Alyssa will f/u with Lara re: BM1
  • Wayne to discuss with JHU re: pilot samples from Mary Jane