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*Wayne G. Shreffler 10:57, 22 July 2009 (EDT):

Agenda Items

Projects/ Work Flow

  • Review project assignments
  • Flow cytometry analysis
    Thank you everyone for working on this -- would like to switch to ICATA beginning of next week -- let's schedule a session for Monday afternoon
  • write up notes into protocol -- how is this going?
  • CoFAR (Neisha, Shashi, Anita, Priya, Kenny)
    • T/ non-T samples (Kenny?) -- what is our procedure now for making sure these get run?
  • BioCSI basophil (Priya, Neisha)
    • work with Rho to get caught up on documentation
      may need to retrospectively complete some 'lab forms'
  • ICATA basophil (Neisha)
  • ICATA Ag uptake (Neisha)
  • ICATA Treg (Kenny/Shashi)
  • JAX (Kenny)
    • no samples this month
  • Serology (Michelle)
    • Need to provide more support for this work, nominating Alyssa
      New person would focus first on organizational effort
  • Duke (Priya)
    • need to review spreadsheet, close study, Priya may process a few more samples
  • Utrecht/ Peanut MIA (Shashi)
    • waiting on IRB and/or Edward
    • P. Bryce wants us to run a sample
  • Recruitment/ Team Update
    • Welcome to Alyssa and Grayson
      orientation paperwork, keys, email, projects
  • Space/ Equipment
    • new monitor and USB hub (thanks Steven and Priya)
    • Flow maintenance
    • 17-40 freezer -- need new racks, organizational system
  • Desk/Bench Space

  • R course
    • Shashi and Madhan went over first half of 3rd assignment
    • meet next week to discuss second half

Previous ToDo Items

New ToDo Items

  • email sasha about ~7/15 T/nonT sample (wayne)
  • create inventory for 17-46 freezer (priya, alyssa)
  • establish end point for duke basos (wayne)
  • update serology records (alyssa, michelle)
  • re-analyze MIA pilot 2 data (wayne, shashi)
  • milk protocols into wiki (alyssa, anita)
  • biocsi documentation (priya)
  • finish cofar analysis (team)
  • alyssa's email account (kristen)