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*Wayne G. Shreffler 16:14, 8 July 2009 (EDT):

Agenda Items

Projects/ Work Flow

  • Flow cytometry data acquisition
    Priya will order a portable hard drive to be used for moving data off suzie; data will be regularly deleted in chronological order
  • Flow cytometry analysis -- we are running out of disk space and some studies are coming to a point where we can begin analysis -- we must work on this:
  1. use template to do analysis
  2. move from Inbox to Outbox
  3. update sample/analysis log
  4. Wayne will check analysis, create archive and move to upload folder and update analysis log
    Note: if there is a problem/ question with the data, make comment in log; if unable to analyze, move to 'bad data' folder
  5. We will have another review session next Monday at 2 pm -- this will most useful if you have tried analyzing files in the interim.
  • CoFAR3,4 basophil (Anita/ Priya)
  • BioCSI basophil (Neisha)
    • template is now available
  • ICATA basophil (Neisha)
  • ICATA Treg (Kenny/Shashi)
  • JAX (Kenny)
    • no samples this month
  • Duke (Caitlin)
    • need to review spreadsheet, close study, Priya may process a few more samples
  • Utrecht/ Peanut MIA (Shashi)
    • waiting on IRB and/or Edward
    • P. Bryce wants us to run a sample
  • Misc
    • Thanks to Priya and Caitlin for working on the Ab inventory -- please all keep up to date
    • Priya working on organization of -30°C in 17-40, but this will require a commitment to keep it organized.
  • Recruitment/ Team Update
    • Alyssa accepted offer -- orientation July 13.
    • Grayson (HS student) to start next Monday?
    • Anita's last day will be July 31 and Caitlin is out the door this Friday
      early evening beers/ dinner Friday
  • Space/ Equipment
    • Will ask Steven to research best monitor for old Suzie so that we have two again for new Suzie
  • Desk/Bench Space
    • Alex welcome to use Kathy's office -- will keep Misu's for Madhan's new tech?

  • R course
    • New assignment (easier!) posted -- give it a try, work collaboratively
    • We will review next week -- REALLY -- try the assignment!

Previous ToDo Items

  • Waiting to hear from Ananth @ Duke about where we stand on basophils -- have sent request for more mAbs
    • Still Waiting

New ToDo Items

  • analyze basophil data (Anita, Priya, Neisha, Shashi)
  • email Bryce with CC to Shashi (Wayne)
  • order monitor (Steven/ Priya)
  • order hard drive (Priya)