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Wayne G. Shreffler 11:52, 10 June 2009 (EDT):

Agenda Items

  • Projects/ Work Flow
    • BioCSI analysis
    • Sample log/ analysis updates
    • Ab inventory is not current! -- please maintain this and if you find discrepancies, correct them.
  • Recruitment/ People Update
    • Offer going out to Alyssa; deciding on another for August start; feedback on recent applicants?
    • Alex here next week full time
  • Space/ Equipment
  • Flow
    • Ron will be here June 15 to install the new workstation
  • Desk/Bench Space
    • Alex will move into Kathy's little office
    • Carl and Grayson will squeeze in -- suggestions welcome

Previous ToDo Items

  • will try to create more working bench space in 17-40
  • Waiting to hear from Ananth @ Duke about where we stand on basophils -- have sent request for more mAbs
    • Still Waiting

Other Discussion

  • Shashi spoke to sharp waste vendor who agreed to supply more containers.

Things To Do

  1. create BioCSI analysis template (Wayne)
  2. conduct FlowJo workshop with Anita and Neisha
  3. system flush this week (Misu)