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*Wayne G. Shreffler 11:22, 27 May 2009 (EDT):

Agenda Items

  • Recruitment/ People Update
    • Still tentatively anticipate Priya starting next week
    • Waiting to here from recommendations on one top candidate
    • Three interviews today; one by phone, two in person beginning at 3:30
    • Carl Constant to start next week if paperwork is complete
    • Not sure when Alex is to start
  • R course
    • content is online Shreffler_R_course
    • make up session tomorrow afternoon (3pm?) for Bert and Shashi (anyone is welcome)
  • OpenWetWare Wiki
    • this will be the lab site going forward
    • Wayne will work on migrating content
    • All new or recent projects should be recorded there (e.g. Neisha, Shashi, summer students)
    • Please sign up for an account and if you have any trouble or want guidance, ask Wayne

Previous Action Items

  • none

Other Discussion

  • we need to decide whether we will use make and use aliquoted stimulants for all or additional protocols (e.g. Duke)

Things To Do

  1. meet with Bert and Steven to discuss Carl's project (Wayne)
  2. contact Alex to confirm start date (Wayne)
  3. confirm installation date with Ron Koch (Anita)
  4. confirm scope of duke basophil project (Wayne)
  5. make new aliquots? now, or do we wait for new people? (Wayne)