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PM050_C1, PM058_C1, challenged 8/4/10

  • Sent 8/5/10, received and flowed on 8/6/10
  • Event numbers decent (approx. 2000-2500 per tube, only acquired 1200 due to time constraints)
  • Did not flow initial set Brislin processed (only flowed complete sets)
  • In PM050, 4-hour RPMI, fMLP, and anti-IgE samples (three total) were stained dimmer than all other samples, possibly less cocktail was used?
PM050_C1 files
  1. Media:20100804_PM050_C1.pdf
  2. Media:20100804_PM050_C1_CD69.pdf
  3. Media:20100804_PM050_C1-Table.txt
PM058_C1 files
  1. Media:20100804_PM058_C1.pdf
  2. Media:20100804_PM058_C1_CD69.pdf
  3. Media:20100804_PM058_C1-Table.txt