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4/14/10 NAC Experiment

  • Will format later...Today's experiment is standard NAC experiment, with four dilutions of IgE. Column 1 = IgE 10, column 2 = IgE 1.1, column 3 = IgE 0.12, column 3 = IgE 0.014. Row 1 = RPMI, row 2 = NAC 30, row 3 = NAC 10, row 4 = NAC 3, row 5 = NAC 1, row 6 = NAC 0, plus stained blood control, unstained blood control, one tube fMLP 2nd 3fold dilution stim in RPMI (no NAC) control, one tube old IgE 2nd 3fold dilution stim in RPMI (no NAC) control. Controls are to test viability of new IgE aliquots, due to last week's weak degranulation response.
  • Today I begin RX project with Dr. Aleena ___; this project entails 30 donors. Women with ovarian cancer take medications including carboplatin and cisplatin; A high frequency of patients develop allergic sensitivity to these medications (approximately 1 out of 3).
  • We stimulate basos with the medication, observing changes in basophil reactivity (over time?)
  • Dr. Aleena ____ will send the schedule
  • If stim test postiive, draw blood for testing (???)