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A project of DIYoutreach, a collaboration between DIYbiologists and synthetic biologists [1]

Here is where you should post links to inexpensive, kid oriented protocols or projects that teachers can use as a science resource. We plan to test the protocols and create a new text similar to the NSF Shoestring Biology resource that will contain approved and tested experiments from this page. Please include enough information that authorshipi can be determined and cited in the final resource. You should also send your protocol directly to Julie Norville (for notification: julie dot norville at gmail dot com) and an archival copy to DIYoutreach (for preparation for publication: diyoutreach at gmail dot com) with full authorship information and a short biography so that it can be considered for publication in this resource. Your email should have the title ShoestringBiology2.0 and your project name. You may link incomplete versions of protocols here and then postpone sending the final document until you are finished (though you may want to send a heads up to Julie when you begin your protocol so that she can contact you with the deadline for submitting the protocol in the text if you have not submitted a final version by then.) (You will need to sign up for openwetware to contribute to this wiki, I will ask if they can create a link for DIYoutreachers or DIYbiologists if you are not university affiliated. You may also submit your work directly to me to post it on the wiki if you do not have an openwetware account and have trouble obtaining one.--Julie)


Author: Julie Norville
Date: January 26, 2009
Bio: a graduate student at MIT (feel free to submit more info and picture in the document you send to Julie, but 
here a short summary is best) 
Project: A new text for high school teachers containing cheap and fun biology and bioengineering protocols
Project link: [2]
Expected cost for teachers: $20-$30 for text, free for web version