Send my research materials to someone at another research institution

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How to ship materials to other research institutions

Domestic Shipments

1) Send Christine, Drew’s assistant:

Name (of recipient)
Institution and Address
Phone Number

approx. kg dry ice (if applicable)

2) Pack everything:

Find outer cardboard box with one side measuring at least 8” x 11.”

If there’s dry ice, then also

obtain an inner Styrofoam container;
pack the items in the dry ice;
seal the Styrofoam box only partially to allow for off-gassing.

Christine/asst. has dry ice labels, so you don’t need to find a box that already has dry ice labels on it. Christine can seal the box with packing tape if you don’t have any.

3) Bring the shipment to Christine, and she’ll do the rest.

International Shipments

Same as above EXCEPT:

Send Christine the EXACT contents of your shipment (for customs).


4x 2mL cryogenic tubes each with 1mL E. coli cultures in 20% glycerol
6, 81-slot -80C cardboard storage boxes containing 352 samples
4x plastic tubes each with 50uL LysoTracker Yellow HCK-123 dye