OHSU:Recommendation for Care of Xenopus laevis Frogs, Adult

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Optimal Temperature: 16º C - 18º C.

Optimal pH: Animals can tolerate a wide range of pH. Aim for somewhere in the 5 to 9 range, neutral preferred.

Light Cycle: 12 dark/12 light acceptable. For long-term care maintain under full spectrum fluorescent lights. Most commercial light manufacturers offer specialty tubes that would be suitable.

Density: Adult frogs should be allotted 1 gallon of water per frog. Christian lab tanks hold a max of 60 frogs each.

Water: Do not expose animals to excessive fresh tap water. Avoid sudden water temperature fluctuations. Animals can usually tolerate a 5º F increase or 10º F rapid decrease. Adult animals can slowly adjust to temperatures almost down to freezing and up to 90º+ F.