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Oscilloscope Lab Summary

  1. Brief summary of what you did (linking to the lab manual page is OK) Lab
  2. Add links to all wiki pages that contain your notebook entries. This is likely only one page. Lab
  3. Report your value for the fall time using AC coupling.
fall time = 57.48ms
  • Include error bars!
see comment
Steven J. Koch 14:33, 28 August 2007 (EDT):I agree: taking multiple measurements and then using Excel or something to compute the mean and standard error of the mean would be a good way to include error bars. If this were a "real lab," I would not accept the answer without error bars, so you would have to find a way to take more data!
should have taken multiple measurements over time the used mean square for value 
and std deviation for error
  • Explain how you measured this (briefly)
This was measured by using the oscilloscope's measurement and selecting "fall time"  
  1. What did you learn?
see comment
Steven J. Koch 14:36, 28 August 2007 (EDT):I am glad you learned a lot, and that will be great if you can play around with a scope at work. I completely agree that I should have left more time for creative work--I apologize for misjudging how long the exercise would take!

I will send you an email with your grade for this lab.
  • It's OK if you didn't learn anything. But include things you are still confusing.
I learned a lot about how to read the scope and to make measurements using the tools on the scope.
I think it will help when I am doing labs and have to use it to measure data. I have used a
multi-meter extensively at work but not an oscilloscope. I am still not full sure how I might use
it for measuring values from the actual labs, but think that this will come as the 
lab progresses.
  1. What did you explore outside of the standard lab procedure? Anything interesting?
Didn't have time to do more would like to have more time to play. 
I may pull one out at work and play around a bit when I get time.
  1. What could make the lab better next year?
shorten to leave more time for play.