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  1. Brief summary of what you did. Link the the lab manual: [1]
  2. Add links to all wiki pages that contain your notebook entries. This is likely only one page.


3. Report your value for R.

For Hydrogen: 10,978,682 m−1 +/- 6000 m−1 the real value for the rydberg constant is 10,973,735.3 m−1 which falls into the std dev. the mean has a .45 percent error from the true value.

For Deuterium:we got 10983540 m-1 +/- 11080.27 m-1 for the rydberg constant for deuterium. This seems right because the rydberg constant for deuterium should not be much different then that of hydrogen.

4. What did you learn?

I learned how to do some data analysis on excel and how to correctly set up and operate a spectrometer.