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[y,x]=hist(data,bincenters) is a function that sets up bins whose values are centered at the values given by the vector bincenter and counts the number of times the values in data fall into each of the bins. y contains the frequency counts and x contains the corresponding bin index. bar(x,y) will plot the histogram of data. In general, x=bincenters, so one can shorten [y,x]=hist(data,bincenters) to y=hist(data,bincenters) and use bar(bincenters,y) to plot the same thing.

For bincenters I will use bincenters = 0:max(max(sample))

# number of trials = numtrails
# parameter lambda = lambda

maxbin = max(max(sample));
minbin = min(min(sample));
fudge = minbin;
for i=1:50
    histsample(i,:) = hist(sample(i,:),bins);