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Chalkley's Solution (CH)

100mL 1000X Stock Solution:

  • 10g NaCl
  • 0.4g KCl
  • 0.6 CaCl2
  • Autoclave in 100mL of dH2O

Prescott's & James's Solution (PJ)

100mL 1000X Stock Solution:

  • 0.43g CaCl2-2H2O
  • 0.16g KCl
  • 0.51g K2HPO4
  • 0.28g MgSO4-7H2O
  • Autoclave in 100mL of dH2O

Wheat Grains

  • Soft Wheat Berries were obtained from The Wheat Berry (206 Main Street, Ottawa, ON K1S1C6, 613-235-7580).
  • Wheat grains are boiled in dH2O for 10 minutes, cooled and stored in the fridge. Unboiled wheat should be keep at room temperature in a Duran bottle.

Hay Media

400mL 4X Stock Solution

  • Timothy Hay is obtained from Ritchie Feed & Seed.
  • Cut up 6g of Timothy Hay into 1" pieces.
  • Add to 400mL of dH2O in a 500mL Duran bottle.
  • Autoclave and let cool to room temp.
  • Filter sterilize to remove hay and particulates, store in fridge.