OpenWetWare:Steering committee/Software development meeting 3-8-06

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Location etc

  • Wednesday, 3-8-06, 2pm EST
  • Room 32-262
  • Number to call in to: 617 452 5196


  • Recap of what's been going on so far (George)
  • Reprioritization of existing ideas + new proposals
    • Data-entry tools: format X->wiki markup converters, image set uploading etc
    • Tools to map wiki onto static pages
    • Account management -- support for MIT certificate-based login, easier user account creation
    • Tools to integrate permanent and evolving documents -- DSpace integration
    • Tags
    • Discussion boards
    • Site viewing options
  • Project mgmt
    • Process for testing (large-scale) changes
    • Process for approving (large-scale) changes
    • How to announce/communicate changes, upgrades, new features etc
    • Schedule ie proposed completion dates (?)
    • Regular meetings/conference calls ?


  • Went through existing ideas + added new ones
  • Prioritized ideas into 3 buckets. Priority 1: "must have", priority 2: "would be really nice to have" and priority 3: anything below P1, P2.
  • Decided to set up separate meetings to talk about "discussion boards" and "Account groups" features
  • Didn't get to any of the "Project mgmt" stuff on the agenda

Next steps

  • Prioritized features have been added to the software development ideas page, together with the people that George needs to get input from in order to decide what exactly the feature is going to look like.
  • Set up meetings [or a wiki page] to talk about "discussion boards" and "account groups" features -- Alex