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OWW Feedback

Submitting Feedback

A new Feedback form has added to OpenWetWare at the following URL:

Reading Feedback Messages: Mailman List Server

To receive copies of the messages to the Feedback List, sign up here:

To view an archive of the mailing list archived messages for the list, go to the following page:

Submitting Feedback to the Oww-Feedback Mailing List From OWW

To send feedback messages to the list from OpenWetWare, the following page is available:

OpenWetWare Contact/Feedback Page

The Contact Page is a "Special Page" that does not show up in searches. A new 'Feedback' 'navigation' link has been added to the system's default 'sidebar' defintion:

ContactForm Mediawiki Extension

The special page used is a slightly modified version of the "ContactPage" extension. It was available and worked.

This feedback page is widely used and supported.

To Do

  • Bill: add the MediaWiki entry to change the page's description.
    • SC: Modify the text to suit your needs once it's present.