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Bio Abstracts

Kuhn Sci Revolutions

Bernal Sci Info Users

Clapp Specialized Info

Notes From Class

Documentalists, in late 50’s--- this emerged in terms of what kinds of things we’re preserving cataloging…what in the public sphere are we documenting and providing access to. Who are the user

Clapp—delivered 1964 Windsor Lecture – The Future of The Research Library. Was president of clr → CLIR -- > Delivered this lecture “Specialized Information”

“JENNY FRY” published extensively on – Whitley’s theory of cohesive fields that have internal dependency develop and adopt tech more frequently.

  • How do we disseminate our findings—both in terms of what we’re transferring, but also what is being disseminated. How do we disseminate findings AND NOT CONCLUSIONS.

Hume—you organize things based on what comes to be. A book is published therefore it needs a place to be. “Literary Warrant”—you build the hierarchy as things emerge. AS opposed to “Universal –“ such as Dewey.

Bernal – The social function of science— his most famous work.

Dr. Uhrquardt – found that 10 percent of the journals got 90% of the traffic for interlibrary loans. 20 / 80 – journal usage

Impact of Journals -- are not always clearly a matter of times accessed or downloaded. —Palmer et al. found for instance a search for a Protocol- was the least queried, but had the most impact. So the idea that a common query is evidence of value, we see an indirect relationship.