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Lecture 2


  • For the paper - we're looking for a balance of a contemporary problem properly contextualized with historical background...(50 / 50)
  • For the week we present, go through each paper -- provide an overall summary of what is happening (this should be extended) and "mobalize" some salient quotes.

Modernity to Postmodernity

This shift well represents LIS-- but there are numerous contexts (rise of capitalism, industrialization, science / technological innovations etc)

Anthony Gideon-- High modernity from post-modernity.


Modernism --- Postmodernism

Belief -- Disbelief

Rationality -- Irrationality

Universal truth -- Local Knowledge

Ulrich Beck -- The risk society-- 1990s to describe the manner in which modern society organises in response to risk VERY IMORTANT FOR RISK MANAGEMENT IN DIGITAL PRESERVATION [ overview ]

JURGEN HABERMAS-- The construction of the Public Sphere

Public Sphere

Kuhn --