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Mark Poster: The mode of information and postmodernity

"My general thesis is that the mode of information enacts a radical reconfiguration of language, one which constitutes subjects outside the pattern of the rational, autonomous individual."

Bauldriad began a line of thinking about common society as a field for interpretation (moving from formalizes social sciences). Commodities are extracted from economic theory or complex morality and viewed instead as complex code. The aim of the ad then is to insert a chain of signifiers into a desirable lifestyle Budweiser -- party --fun -- youth --sex .... connotations of a beverage, nothing about the actual beverage itself.

What has happened then is a shift to a simulacrum -- a copy of a copy that is no longer recognizable as having any original, no referant. The effect is a 'hyper real' state, such as disneyland which is more real than the real it is supposed to refer back to.

I hope to extract the critical impulse of his position without acceding to his monolithic vision. BUT DOES HE ACHIEVE THIS?!?