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Annotations and Evaluations

  • Nic Weber 10:46, 9 September 2010 (EDT):Looking at the Center for Snow and Ice this morning- I've been told their Level of Service agreement and other documentation is top notch in repositories.

Very nice description of larger collections in table form . This is pretty rare for repositories. They also do a nice job of a longer description through the link and then an FAQ and brief Data Summaries for the given Collection.

  • Nic Weber 10:46, 9 September 2010 (EDT):Not finding a lot of documentation on policies-- data support and sets and documentation all that seems publicly available. Sending e-mail to Ruth Duerr for pointers in right direction.

TRAC, Working Backwards

  • Nic Weber 12:12, 9 September 2010 (EDT):I've had the thought this morning that taking a look at TRAC for justifying some of the recommendations I'm making. There are components of ISO 15489 that I am familiar with, that could ground some of this discussion, but I think TRAC might be a a better approach to simply have a baseline.
  • Nic Weber 12:12, 9 September 2010 (EDT): specifically I found this section to be helpful-

A3.2 Repository has procedures and policies in place, and mechanisms for their review, update, and development as the repository grows and as technology and community practice evolve.

The policies and procedures of the repository must be complete, written or available in a tangible form, remain current, and must evolve to reflect changes in requirements and practice. The repository must demonstrate that a policy and procedure audit and maintenance is in place and regularly applied. Policies and procedures should address core areas, including, for example, transfer requirements, submission, quality control, storage management, disaster planning, metadata management, access, rights management, preservation strategies, staffing, and security. High-level documents should make organizational commitments and intents clear.

And, to justify the need for a board and to articulate the time frame which the policy will be updated and revised:

A3.7 Repository commits to transparency and accountability in all actions supporting the operation and management of the repository, especially those that affect the preservation of digital content over time.

Transparency is the best assurance that the repository operates in accordance with accepted standards and practice. Transparency is essential to accountability, and both are achieved through active, ongoing documentation. The repository should be able to document its efforts to make information about its development, implementation, evolution, and performance available and accessible to relevant stakeholders. The usual means of communication an organization uses to provide significant news and updates to stakeholders should suffice for meeting this requirement.