Obtain after-hours building access

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Below are the directions from Pat Carslon, the Shriram building manager, on gaining after-hours access to Shriram:

First, complete a 15-min online tutorial about general building safety.

Online training info on STARS:

Please complete this brief 15-20 min online tutorial, and then email Pat your confirmation receipt/screenshot after you have completed it.

EHS-4200 training on the STARS tab of the following Axess link - https://axess.sahr.stanford.edu/.

Type in “EHS-4200” in the search field and it will populate.

If you have already completed this training, simply skip ahead and e-mail Pat the confirmation screenshot.

Second, email Pat the confirmation screenshot.

Pat can provide access to Shriram. State the end date of your studies at Stanford (if you know it). Provide your ID Card number—not the SUNet. The ID number will be highlighted in red on the front of your ID Badge and starts with one or two zeros.

Let Pat know if you have any additional questions.

Pat Carlson Science & Engineering Quad Building Manager Shriram Center for Bioengineering and Chemical Engineering 443 Via Ortega, Room 150 Stanford, CA 94305 Mobile (650) 206-0341 www.stanford.edu