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To Do

  • make more 1161 + tet plates
  • make more 1161 medium
  • make LB Tet and LB Amp plates

Transformation results

  • pUC19 10 pg/ul control transformation, plating 0.1 fraction is about 300 colonies
    • efficiency is 300*10(fraction)*1e7(10 pg to 1 ug) or 3e10 cfu/ug
  • Transposon insertion was 6 colonies, plating 0.1 fraction
    • efficiency 60 colonies per 25 ng DNA, or 60*40 cfu/ug = 2.4e3 cfu/ug
    • This is 40x below transformation efficiency test of Epicentre
  • presumably this is due to the DNA used. Let's try a higher DNA concentration
  • After six more hours, 9 colonies showed up. This is 3.6e3 cfu/ug
    • 11x less than previous attempt, but 3x less than previous not outgrown 2 hours
    • 27x less than Epicentre transformation efficiency QC test

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