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Parts of a Part ID

In addition to a common name (e.g., "GFP", "BCD2", "Kan destination vector with GFP selection"), each golden gate part has a part ID. Part IDs should map one-to-one to part sequences. The purpose of a part ID is to provide a short, unique label for parts in such a way that multiple labs can independently and simultaneously develop new parts without fear of name collision.

Having short IDs for every part also ensures that any MoClo-constructed plasmid can be succinctly specified. For example, a golden gate construct of deGFP driven from a T7 promoter and a BCD2 ribosomal binding site with the iGEM B0015 double terminator in the CIDAR kanamycin resistance backbone would be specified by P18m-U4d-C1m-T1d-V19d.

See documentation for the CIDAR MoClo kit, Vol. II on Addgene (pending) for details on documented part IDs.

A part ID is a string of the form

<Part type><Number><lab code>

  • <Part type> specifies the kind of part, i.e., where it will assemble in a BsaI golden gate assembly. Valid part types are:
    • P (Promoter)
    • U (UTR)
    • C (CDS)
    • T (Terminator)
    • V (destination Vector)
    • Any combination of the above for multi-position parts (e.g., UC for a UTR-CDS part)
  • <Number> is a number. This can be an arbitrary number, but is usually assumed to indicate the order in which parts were created or added to a library.
  • <lab code> is a short (1-2) lowercase character string identifying the lab or other organization responsible for building the part. The purpose of the lab code is to guarantee uniqueness of part IDs for parts If you are constructing a part without communicating with other part authors using an existing code, then you should add a lab ID for yourself to this page and use that lab code.

Current Lab Codes

Lab Codes
Code Lab Institute Contact
d CIDAR (Doug Densmore) Boston University, Boston, MA Office: (617) 358-6238; Email:
m Richard Murray Biocircuits California Institute of Technology, Pasadena, CA Email:,