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Lab Update

This Report is a summary for full details see the lab notebook

Aims For Friday

  • Finish Stage three Ligations (With the exception of the aiiA part)
  • Finish Stage two ligations (by wedensday)
  • Test part T9002 (This part is the AHL/GFP assay and the Predator AHL sensor)

Aims For today

  • Order Supplies John SY
  • Miniprep + PCR Tom, Deepti, Christin and John SY
    • The Parts were cultured yesterday (sun) by Tom and will be mini-prepped and PCRd today to test constancy between the two methods.

Current Ligation Status

  • Tick = Done and tested
  • ? = Done and untested
  • X = Done and Failed we will retry

Ligation Update 0708.JPG

John Chattaway (Lab Co-ordinator)