Module 1, Day 2

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DNA Migration Graph

File:Graph1.jpg Chart1.jpg

cut backbone migration length: 15mm
y = -.039 ( 15mm) + 4.5005
y = 3.915 = log(base pairs)

10^3.915 = 8231.89
This is reasonably close to 8669, the given number of base pairs.

Calculating Plaques

Plaques = dilution x titer x volume
= 10^-8 (10^12 units/ml)(0.01ml)
= 100 Units
I would expect similar levels of plaque growth if using DH5 because it is also an e.coli strain.

"Synthetic biology is about engineering while genetic engineering is about biology."

While it is true that the traditional arsenal of genetic engineering techniques (rDNA, PCR, Sequencing, etc.) are now widely regarded as supporting techniques for biological (or engineering) research, it seems that attempts to clearly delineate between the work of synthetic biologists and that of genetic engineers are more semantics battles than anything else. Though the emerging synthetic biologists profiled in the Microbe Magazine piece approach their work with a greater emphasis for redesign from scratch, the foundations of their work are nonetheless rooted in their abilities to understand and harness the biological principles that govern all life. At the same time, these principles and engineering tools are being developed and advanced through more traditional disciplines in biology and genetic engineering. Thus, while the surface goals of synthetic biologists vs. genetic engineers might revert back to the old differences between engineers and scientists, the two fields are inextricably linked and success in one field requires an individual to be cognisant and up-to-date in both.