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Mikkel Zahle Østergaard

PhD student
Computational Biology, Genetic Epidemiology and Functional Genomics

University of Cambridge
Strangeways Research Laboratory

My email address:

Research Interests

My research interests include human genetics, population genetics and functional genomics. The aim is to identify genetic variants that predispose to human diseases and to better understand disease aetiology.

My advisors:
Dr. Paul Pharoah, Department of Oncology, University of Cambridge
Dr. Frederick Roth, Roth Laboratory, Harvard University


  • 2008 (expected) PhD in Computational Biology, University of Cambridge, England
  • 2005 MPhil (with distinction) in Epidemiology, University of Cambridge, England
  • 2003 BSc Biochemistry, University of Copenhagen, Denmark


Common genetic variants and breast cancer susceptibility
Oestergaard MZ and Pharoah PDP. Book Chapter in Breast cancer epidemiology. Springer Verlag. In Press

Common variants in mismatch repair genes and risk of colorectal cancer
Koessler T, Oestergaard MZ, Song H, Tyrer J, Perkins B, Dunning A, Pharoah PDP. Gut To appear in 2007

Cancer genetics of epigenetic genes
Miremadi A, Oestergaard MZ, Pharoah PDP and Caldas C. Hum. Mol. Genet April, 2007; 16(R1): R28 - R49

Systematic discovery of candidate genetic interactions leading to breast cancer susceptibility
Poster at The 7th International Conference on Systems Biology 2006. Oestergaard MZ, Tyrer J, Ponder B, Easton D, Roth F and Pharoah P

Interactions between genes involved in the antioxidant defence system and breast cancer risk
Oestergaard MZ, Tyrer J, Cebrian A, Shah M, Dunning AM, Ponder BAJ, Easton DF and Pharoah PDP. Br J Cancer. 2006 Aug 21;95(4):525-31, Pubmed

More good stuff on the way


I am very grateful to The Cambridge Gates Scholarships and to The Medical Research Council (UK) for supporting my PhD studies and GlaxoSmithKline for supporting my MPhil