Matt Gethers/CRI, Thailand/Labwork/PCRs/Amplification of HmgR ORF/7.25.08 Gel Results

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7.25.08 pIs001.L3 Colony PCR Results

Lane 1 Lanes 2-8 Lane 9
5 μl λ ladder 5 μl pIs001.L3 transformant colony PCRs 1-7 PAO1 Genomic DNA positive control

120 volts, 20 minutes, 1% Agarose gel. 5 μl of product in each lane. Stained for 15 minutes. Every lane had a band at slightly below the 831 bp band of the ladder. Lane 2 (1st colony) was a bit faint, so I chose 2 and 3 to inoculate overnights.