Matt Gethers/CRI, Thailand/Labwork/HmgR Binding Assay/Week of 8.11.08

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I doubt I'll be doing any more with FA over the last few days. The priority is to at least get an HmgR clone. Even better would be to get it purified (probably not going to happen, though). In the down time between cloning, though, I have two data analysis questions to look into:

To Do:

  • Mayuree said the FA manual says something about data that seems to rise continuously (i.e. HmgR* binding to the gpx1 promoter). See if I can find anything regarding what it means.
  • Mayuree also said there should be a way to determine the fraction of active enzyme via FA - see if I can find anything on that.
  • Upload the data from the two binding assay runs to the wiki.


I uploaded the data files to the binding assay page. I still have to answer the two data analysis questions.