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I am a fifth year BBS graduate student and working on synthetic genetic circuits in mammalian cells and bacteria.


Contact Details

Mara Inniss
Harvard Medical School
Department of Systems Biology
200 Longwood Ave. WAB 425
Boston, MA 02134

Phone: 617-432-6406
Email: minniss at fas dot harvard dot edu


1. Burrill, D. R., Inniss, M. C., Boyle, P. M. & Silver, P. A. Synthetic memory circuits for tracking human cell fate. Genes Dev 26, 1486–1497 (2012).
2. Boyle, P. M. et al. A BioBrick compatible strategy for genetic modification of plants. J Biol Eng 6, 8 (2012).


2007, B.Sc. in Biochemistry, Minor in Multidisciplinary Studies

Concordia University, Science College, Montreal, QC, Canada


Silver Lab
Harvard IGEM
Harvard IGEM 2010 wiki