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I came into the lab this morning a little bit intimidated because I felt as though there was a (self imposed) pressure to start injecting tiny tiny embryos in order to get them at a stage where the efferent's haven't even left the hind brain yet. Luckily Fabiana came in and said exactly the right things to me to make me feel a lot happier. She reassured me that this was completely a normal part of the process and that's what the research studentship is about - realising that I will often come to what feel like roadblocks but that's okay because that's the nature of research. What she suggested was just that I take it easy, which was probably the opposite reaction I was having to my situation (I would thought that I needed to knuckle down and work harder). I felt so relieved with what Fabaiana said. I went home and have been reading journal articles in bed with a cup of tea and that is I think where I've needed to be because at this point I need to start doing some more relaxed and creative thinking about what my questions are and how I want to go about answering them. I think that this week I will try and take it easy just to get some clarity and focus and I can't do that if I'm putting pressure on myself to complete lots of experiments.