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Today I went to a seminar on literature review writing but I really didn't find it very helpful. It definitely put the topic of literature reading on my mind and I realise that I need to do that more than I have been, but it was (in my opinion) a very wishy washy workshop that was all about the ideas and definitions of literature reviews but had not much practical basis. I then had a meeting with Fabiana and had prepared a powerpoint presentation about my Embryo from the day before to give to her, but I think she preferred to just go through the pictures at her own pace. We came up with a big chart outlining the experiment a bit more so i feel like I have a clearer idea of what experiments I am going to need to be doing. I went home in the afternoon because I was not feeling good and couldn't concentrate on my dissection. I had an embryo (HK024) that I had dyed and that had worked but I wasn't well enough to whole mount it that afternoon so i left it overnight in the fridge in tin foil to take out any light and hopefully it will still be alright tomorrow.