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Today I checked my HK021 - stage 19 embryo that I re-dyed to see whether I could get any penetration but I didn't. Fabiana put it well when she said that sometimes you're secretly grateful that the injection didn't work because now I have had the whole morning to be able to work on adding my data to OWW. I am quite puzzled as to why it didn't work though. I tried really hard to press the dye into the nerve stub and to clean it well, I honestly don't think much more was in my control to make it work, sometimes I guess some embryos just don't pick up the dye. I am still determined to successfully dye a stage 19 or younger though so that will be my first aim on Monday as well as experimenting with more basal plate injections.

I have spent the whole morning on OWW and entering data for my 21 embryos so far and some photos. I felt overwhelmed when Fabiana said I needed to create a page for each embryo but having started to input data I realise it's not hard and actually helps me think about things and where I am falling short and which stages I need to do more of etc so I am actually really happy about it now and realise that it will save me so much time in the future and also makes me think and not just do mindless injections for fun.

It did also make me realise just how much more data I need to note down in the lab notebook, particularly regarding the type of injection I am doing and the reasons why I think the injection may not have penetrated. I will definitely start documenting more next week now that I know how valuable that information is.

I feel like I am also becoming more familiar with the wiki text and finding my way around OWW. On Monday I will try and inject a stage 19 successfully and also do a basal plate injection and document exactly what it is that I am doing and how much dye I am putting on etc. I realise that it is not about the amount of dye but rather the 'cleanliness' of the nerve stub and then also I do truly believe there is an element of chance to it.