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The stage 19 embryo was unsuccessful despite what looked like a penetrative injection site, but I dissected a bit further and just dyed the 8th with DiI and so we’ll see if that makes a difference. The basal plate injection worked! We imaged just the perfect amount of cells so that you could see the paths of individual axons really clearly. I am just going to need to experiment with the injection site as we didn’t seem to label any efferents and so will need to move more lateral to the floor plate than we were. My other embryo, where I labelled way too much showed that I really only needed a tiny amount of labelling. I am excited to do another injection on Monday to see if I can label any efferents.

I feel like I am finally making progress and feel like now I have all of the skills under my belt to be able to successfully image the neurons, like I said yesterday it is now a matter of achieving consistency. I also need to clean the embryos more as today’s one was still quite dirty even after I thought that I had cleared the ventral surface of the hindbrain adequately.