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Injected the basal plate of an embryo that I prepared yesterday using a liquid injection technique. It was hard at first to get the amount of liquid right and I was constantly scared that I might be sucking up methanol but I managed to do it a couple of times and once I get a proper feel for it, it shouldn’t’ be too hard and seems like a nice accurate way of injecting dye. It will be interesting to see how much gets labelled and whether there is a distinct difference between the DiI of the efferents and the DiO of the afferents. I also dissected a stage 19 because I am trying to develop my skills to dissect and inject younger embryos. I managed to apply dye to both the 7th and the 8th nerve separately and asked Fabiana for advice on whether the dye was injected/applied deeply enough and she said it looked like it was so I hope that tomorrow we will get some results. I am now at a point where I have been taught all of the techniques in order to carry out experiements I just need to learn how to combine them and also how to be consistent and how to be able to do them in very young embryos.