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Cleared and mounted one embryo today whose dye was successful. Had a great afternoon chat with Fabiana and realised I needed more of a direction and so I wrote a checklist of skills that I would like to be able to accomplish before January. The experiments I do from now on will have this checklist in mind and will all aim to develop the skills I want to develop. I’ve attached the checklist below: Check list to get to where I want to be in January: - Ability to dye 17-21 stage embryos - Dye both facial and VIII separately - Control and predict size of injection - Dye 2 different nerves, separate colours on same side - Dye into otic vesicle - Show consistency - Dye on basal plate and top of alar

My experimental injections - To test in early embryos whether the efferents and afferents make contact before? Exiting the hindbrain - To see when that contact disappears - (all to do with the stage of embryo) - Then to see if there is specialisation between which afferents, efferents make contact with or if it’s just all of them