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Watched Macarena perform neurosurgery on a bird today. That was interesting and I saw her do a dye injection via a pipette tip and blowing out the liquid which we will plan to do soon to try and dye the basal plate and the motor neurons. I then dissected two embryos and stained them because my previous ones were unsuccessful, (the one where I dyed both the 7th and the 8th nerve separately) I thought one of the reasons that it wasn’t successful was because I didn’t put enough dye on the nerve stub but that was not the case as Fabiana said that even the smallest crystal- if in contact with a cell membrane will transport. The two that I dyed were different ages, one 19 and the other 25 and I put heaps of dye on the 25 and the 19 I couldn’t even really see the nerve properly because they hindbrain was so small and delicate but I dyed it anyway pretty crudely. I have been having problems with my egg cracking and today 9/10 of the eggs had two yolks and no embryo.