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Day 6 Week 2 Today I dissected and injected a stage 23 embryo. I have placed it in the incubator and will assess results tomorrow. I cracked 10 eggs in the morning but only two were alive and they were 6 days old so stage 26-27 which is probably too old for my use. I have experimented by putting more eggs in another incubator and also leaving eggs out on the bench for 2 hours before I put them in the incubator so when I crack them on Thursday I will see if that made any difference. I played around with OWW a bit today but am slightly lost as to how to open a lab notebook and will ask Fabiana tomorrow about how to access it. Tomorrow I hope to finally complete a whole mount and also image the neurons on the Nikon with Fabiana’s guidance. I was supposed to crack 10 eggs today but the one that I cracked was very young (stage 15) so I think I will wait until tomorrow morning to crack the eggs. I would like to start trying out a different dying technique and also attempt to dye the basal plate with DiI and the nerve tip with DiO to try and get a different colour of the motor efferents.