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Day 4

Cracked embryos today and 9 out of 10 of them were dead. I need to re think how I am incubating them and whether to move them to a different incubator. Setting new eggs tomorrow so I will try them out in a different incubator and also let some of them stay out on the bench to ensure that there isn’t such a heat shock to them. I spent some good time with Fabiana today at the Leica and it turns out the fluorescence that wasn’t working was only because I hadn’t switched the fluorescent light on, once I did turn it on I realised that the dye had actually worked and stained what we think was the trigeminal. That is very encouraging because I feared that perhaps my technique was way off and I wasn’t cleaning the nerves properly. It’s a pity I disposed of the hindbrain that I thought was a dud because it was likely to have actually have worked.I did two injections today and so I’ll mount them tomorrow. I dyed the 7th nerve in one of them which will be interesting to see how that turns out because often the facial nerve is really hard to isolate and image. I am getting more familiar with the different ages and what their nerves look like which is encouraging. I also feel like I’m making progress with the ease at which I stage which is great.