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Day 1 of Helen's Studentship

Had a meeting in the morning with Fabiana and we talked about the value of a wiki log, and the skills I will learn from editing a wiki page I then went on to set 10x eggs in the morning and then 10 again later before I left for the day. During the day I dissected one stage 23 embryo and one stage 25 embyro. The first one I managed to dye the Left trigeminal nerve with DiO but the other side of the hindbrain I messed up and managed to tear off the nerves. I have started to find little ways of making the dissection easier and started to get a feel for which tools I prefer to work with which is great. I then needed a break to refresh and to get some food into me (the state of the shakiness of your hands comes down to so many different factors and food is definitely one of them). I then tried harder to get this second embryo done really neatly and I have now dissected it to expose both the trigeminal and vestibulocochlear nerve on both sides and I will dye them tomorrow. Tomorrow we’ll be cracking some eggs which will be an exciting experience and I will check to see whether my dye injection was at all successful. I will also dye the second embryo I worked on today and experiment with some different dye techniques. I will also try and make some more tools.