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25 January 2011 Lab Meeting

‡ Announcements

  • Cathie at BU nominally T and W. At MIT M, Th and F.
  • 11:30-12:30 pm

†Trapping Mycobacteria (Jason)

  • Spent last week in cleanroom, successfully made a new device.
  • Cells stay trapped better, as expected (don't have images yet)

†Nanomedicine (Sunil, Sonali, Cathie and Jen Rosen)

  • Sunil

†Wave 80 project (Andy/Sam/Sonali/Cathie)

  • Every other week meeting 2-3:30 SKPYE.

‡ Flu R01:Integration

  • Paper drafting v.8
  • Grant renewal will be reviewed on 1/27.

† HDA (Lead:Sonali)

  • submitted erratum 1/24/11.

† Sample Concentration (Lead: Jane, Nga)

  • Meeting Fridays PHO 11-12pm.

† SERS Franhofer Project (Jared, Chris, Jake, Cathie)

* Meetings Wed 9-10am at Fraunhofer. 

‡C. diff Project (Cathie, Sonali, Satish, Shichu, QQ, Lisa J., Andy)

  • Meeting times TBA.

‡ CIMIT (actually two sepsis projects)- Sepsis (Cathie)

  • NEW person needed for this project.
  • Negative control of 16s primers as well as of DXS primers (Sonali's Mix) show signals on qPCR.

‡ PATH Grant (Lead:Cathie, Team:Jake, Samantha)

  • Meetings Wed 3-4 pm every other.