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Flu meeting notes: 6/1/10.

attending: no meeting in person today. Just add on items as needed. QQ in China

‡ Flu R01:Integration
* Weekly meetings Tuesday 1-2 pm.

  • 1) The number of positive and negative samples to be analyzed for the grant (Cathie)

- need 73 negatives by PCR for flu A.
-need 73 positives for flu A by PCR.

  • 2) Key pieces of data needed for each sample (PFU/ml, copy #/ml, chip PCR, tube PCR, TC)? (Cathie, MM)

- copy #/ml (JC - only with PFU/ml data)), chip PCR (AS, BC, CH, QQ), tube PCR (JC- all samples), TC (MM).
- Check with Nira for characterization data. (MM)
- only do copy # on the samples that have PFU/ml data. (JC)
- Don't use PFU data.
- Keep track of freeze thaw cycles.(everyone)

  • 3) Jessie will describe our inventory (# samples from BUMC, #samples from BIDMC, break down by the number of aliquots per sample) -- handle on what samples are available to complete item 2) above

- Make a one spreadsheet inventory. (JC)
- Make a "wish list" inventory for the 73+ and 73- samples. (MM)

  • 4) Decide what samples we will use to acheive item 2 above -- what QQ's team will use for on-chip experiments

-the wish list

  • 5) Decide who will accomplish what in item 2) above -- what each person is responsible for

- pumps (1 multiplex). Limitation is on flow rate control. Do we have a second pump in the lab with appropriate flow rate control.
- power supplies (have only 2 - do we need more?) Can the same power supply be used for more than one heater?
- longer heater strip?
- division of labor? One person be set up assays? One person watch the heaters while it runs? One person do the Bioanalyzer work?(QQ needs to figure out the appropriate division of labor)
- Write a protocol for running these integrated chips- include cleaning steps. (BC to QQ).

  • 6) Set timelines for each task for each person (timelines within a given day...a schedule for starting samples, batching, finishing bioanalyzer and intermittent data review. - determine if we should stop trial and redesign device/ have contamination issues, etc.