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14 January 2010 Lab Meeting

‡ Announcements

  • Oakridge deadline is 1 Feb 2010. ANYONE? I am not going, but can send 1 or 2 of you.
  • Shichu Huang will be joining us in Feb.

‡ Flu R01:Integration

  • meetings every other M 1-3pm. 705.

† HDA (Lead: Jaephil, Team:Sonali)

  • Start planning R01 for Submission on 6/5/10. MM, JD, CMK.
  • Dry reagent storage for RT and HDA - COP test well array provided to Sonali
  • 2nd HDA design - include RT, dry reagent, reduced evap loss, and parallel filling, etc
  • Paper PUBLISHED online 1/12/10!
  • "prototyping - scratch" goes to "Special Issue of the Robotics and Computer-Integrated Manufacturing Journal" by 1/15/10 CMK.

† Sample Concentration (Lead: Jane, Team: Jaephil)

  • New design sent to make Rubber mold: outline octagon problem. Revised design sent yesterday.
    • MM 040808 A/PR/8/34 flu stock with PFU = 2X10^4 available to Jane to train Cassidy in ultracentrifuging all tubes
    • of virus, pour out sucrose,pipette remaining with 20uL pipette tip and pool for plaque assay for supplying virus
  • Jane working on the cell lysate control. - have many tubes now, done
  • Set up COMSOL and StarCD, look for governing equations for simulation of evaporation. Ongoing

† SPE Column Optimization for DNA/RNA. (Lead: Sonali, Team: Hussam, Jessie, Brendan)

  • Sonali put out a new RNA protocol before break.
  • Hussam reviewing Arpita's comments.
  • Dispersion of particles? Tween or another dispersant?
  • "Jessie get trained for real on SEM.*"

† PCR - CMI (Lead: Qingqing)

  • QQ will work on the initial integration steps of SPE + RT (reservoir)+ PCR.
  • SPE+RT+PCR chip is designed. (status?)
  • PCR of C.Difficile DNA
* Toxin A. 
* HDA dilution experiments for toxin A has been tested in tube. the products has been tested in Bio-analyzer. 1pg is the limitation for the template, in order to get a detectable result.
  • PCR2 Paper formatted for LOAC this week.
 need to get back from Cathie
  • CMK: PCR 1 draft. Analytical Chem.

‡C. diff Project (Cathie, Sonali, Satish Singh, Lisa J., His post doc )

  • See email notes.

‡ Coulter Flu Fraunhofer Project (Lead: Sonali, Team: Sonali, Jessie, Cathie, CMI Folks, Qingqing)

  • New meeting time?

‡ Agilent Automated Sample Preparation (Lead: Alex)

  • Paper on HotDog in progress. First Draft by 1/24
  • NANO-C:
    • In Progress: More tests with B. Subtillis until 1/20

‡ COBRA (Lead: Jaephil, Team: Cathie, Jane for virus only, PHO folks)

  • New metal piece - First week of Dec.
  • Evap paper - short talk with Larry before COBRA meeting

‡ Biointerfaces group (Lead: MinCheol, Team: Cathie, MCK, Wong and Meller folks)

  • Cathie will submit paper inquiry.

‡ CIMIT- Sepsis (Lead:Cathie, Team:TBA)

  • First samples collected.

‡ PATH Grant (Lead:Cathie, Team:Frank, Sean, Mark, Jake Trueb (ME))

  • Submitted Gantt Document to PATH 11/25.
  • Frank: PVA solution made. Benchtop stabilization experiments in progress (3 week storage to be PCRed and 1 week storage to be started upon return to BU).
  • Sean: I have ordered the silica I need to start testing NA yields with different concentrations of different sizes of silica microspheres. I will begin this as soon as I can get to the lab when I return this week (today being 1/11). I still need to be shown quickly how to run samples. In addition, I will not be able to make the weekly lab meetings due to a class conflict, unless the class does not meet in any given week or gets out before 4. I apologize for this. I will post all weekly updates in detail here because I won't be at the meetings.
  • Mark to begin initial DNA testing with shorter time periods (1,3 days, etc.) to be completed this(?) week. New straw fixture to be set up in old fume hood. Fume hood to be sterilized for use only with straw machine.

‡ IIH Senior Project.