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16 June 2009 Lab Meeting

  • Attending:Hussam, Teddy, Jaephil, Jane, MinCheol, Brendan, Jessie, QQ, Sonali, Me, Ajani.

Missing: Alex

  • Teddy gave a presentation about the valves to the group.

† Announcements

  • Short small team meetings. 45 min -- SEE GOOGLE calendar for schedule
  • MicroTAS Abstracts accepted. (4) Papers due June 30th.

† Flu R01

  • RNA extraction troubleshooting.
  • Try clean fabrication of chips and monoliths.
  • Try RNAseH wash through.
  • Absolute Quantification assays: TH this week.
  • FTIR/maybe next week.
  • Samples for Mass Spec.
  • A primers look good at this point. Van Elden 2001.
  • Jessie should learn SEM.

† Virus concentration (upstream from the assay.)

  • QQ - HM - JZ - Chip Integration.
  • How to read? Color, sensitivity? Alignment. Check with JD.

† Coulter Flu Fraunhofer Project

  • Fraun folks coming to get trained next week. RNA isolation. Safety issues. English.
  • IBC for Fraun flu. waiting?
  • Brendan can come to Fraun Flu meetings if he wants....as primer design goes.

† SEPSIS Project

  • Accepted YEAH!

†RNA project

  • Call Natalia.


  • Test with sol-gel substrate today(2nd June)
  • delayed due to difficulty adjusting membrane thickness
  • Evap system (JD and JZ)

    • Let's get this to a point where we can publish and move on

paper 1: Evap with Sol Gel substrate.
paper 2: Covap with PMA, Rhodamine, PS beads?...virus...?
- Rhodamine experiments done
- Signals are similar between with and without GNP
- Rhodamine binds poorly to gold
- try GNP-pMA next. R6G-silver NP. - Need to redefine hypothesis

† Valve Array

  • Teddy will give training presentation(guide).

† Fraunhofer: LOAC

  • Paper revised.
  • Bonding ongoing with MIT folks

† Biointerfaces group

  • Meeting Wed 2-4pm.
  • Printed out paper for everyone. Go over the figures. Set the "story."
  • fabricated SU-8 mold with Herringbone grooves.
  • Brett took a photo of the device for the paper, but will repeat
  • Jason coated thin gold on the surface of the PDMS mold, and will take SEM images for the sieves. --->SEM down
  • draft paper2 for the submission to "Biophysical Journal" has been started.
  • Will repeat trapping experiments this Friday to obtain good quality images for the Fig. 2 in the paper.

† CIMIT- Colson Grant

  • IRB still in revision.


  • QQ: PCR 2 paper draft.
  • CMK: PCR 1 draft
  • PEG-coating protocol developed - TROUBLESHOOTING.
  • on-chip experiment with blank chip without PEG,BSA. It works with expected lower efficiency
  • on-chip experiment with PEG-coated chip without PEG,BSA in reagent. It does not work, or the product is under the detection limitation of bioanalyzer.
  • QQ : write protocol for PEG graft.
  • QQ: Try changing heater and thermocouple.
  • QQ: Try running PCR after plasma treatment and water wash only.
  • QQ and MM: look back at flu PCR. Recall the repeatability. Decide course of action with Sonali. See what you can do to do "real" samples soon. One pot? Two steps necessary instead?


  • Getting solution back out is still an issue.
  • Integrated chip worked (19th). Accumulating multiple runs. (Check into primer lifetime)
  • Evaporation problems near edges. Maybe design change?
  • Teflon issue with the enzyme? Check into it.

† Silica Optimization (Lambda):

  • Get lower Bioan. Kit.