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2 June 2009 Lab Meeting

† Announcements

  • Short small team meetings. 45 min each week?

Suggested groups... please edit. Teams
2. Bacteria = JZ, JD
3. Flu = MM, JZ, HM, JC, BC
3. Lysis? = AG, HM?

  • MicroTAS Abstracts accepted. (4) Papers due June 30th.

† Flu R01

  • RNA extraction troubleshooting.
  • Absolute Quantification assays: TH this week.
  • FTIR

† Coulter Flu Fraunhofer Project

  • Fraun folks coming to get trained next week. RNA isolation.
  • IBC for Fraun flu. approved?

† SEPSIS Project

  • Revision submitted 5/20.

†RNA project

  • Jeff visiting TH


  • Test with sol-gel substrate today(2nd June)
  • delayed due to difficulty adjusting membrane thickness
  • Evap system (JD and JZ)

    • Let's get this to a point where we can publish and move on

paper 1: Evap with Sol Gel substrate.
paper 2: Covap with PMA, Rhodamine, PS beads?...virus...?

† Virus concentration

† Valve Array

  • Teddy will give training presentation(guide).

† Fraunhofer: LOAC

  • Paper revised.
  • Bonding ongoing with MIT folks

† Biointerfaces group

  • Schedule a meeting next week of all collaborators to discuss submission details.
  • found a method of double stacking SU-8 using mask-aligner for making Herringbone grooves.
  • investigate the stability under different Peclet numbers (ratio of hydrodynamic force and Brownian force).
  • asked Brett to take a photo of the device for the paper.
  • MC and Jason will get SEM images of PDMS mold with thin gold coating of nano-size on its surface.
  • draft paper2 will be started soon.

† CIMIT- Colson Grant

  • IRB still in revision.


  • PCR 2 paper draft.
  • developed PEG-coating protocol, need do on-chip experiment. Do you need to use PEG-NH2? hoe about just PEG terminate PEG?


  • Getting solution back out is still an issue.
  • Integrated chip worked (19th). Accumulating multiple runs. (Check into primer lifetime)
  • Evaporation problems near edges. Maybe design change?
  • Teflon issue with the enzyme? Check into it.

† Silica Optimization (Lambda):

  • Present Bioan. Data to Jeff.
  • Get lower Bioan. Kit.